Robin Ezra and Annie Day

Drawn to Print

Inaugurazione martedì 30 aprile alle ore 18.00
Galleria della Fondazione Il Bisonte
Via San Niccolò 24/rosso, Firenze
Tel. 055 2342585
e-mail: gallery@ilbisonte.it
Firenze, 30 aprile – 17 maggio 2019

Visions of a different nature from the one we are accustomed, exotic animals on one side but at the same time classic, friendly, almost familiar faces, all punctuated by landscapes of archaic, medieval cities, a fascinating intertwining that joins a storytelling that Il Bisonte already hosted: Australia. But this time the narrative voices are those of two sisters who have made printmaking their most vibrant expression. They have been visiting us in Florence for over ten years, bringing with them other artists, to immerse themselves in the sparkling spring atmosphere of this city and to work in our print studios. The story of printmaking is not new to unite the whole world with protean freshness. But the wonder of this exhibition comes from this mixture of exotic and familiar, which is perhaps one of the most distinctive traits of Australian culture.

Printmaking Sisters

Robin Ezra and Annie Day are sisters who grew up in an artistic household in Australia – their mother a creator of exclusive garments and their father a photographer.
Annie has been a practicing artist since gaining her painting diploma in 1974 from the National Art School, Sydney.
Robin first enrolled in Life Drawing classes at the ANU School of Art in 1985.
Printmaking Sisters are passionate advocates of safer, healthier and environmentally friendly printmaking techniques.
Over the past 14 years they have taught together these safer techniques in Florence, UK, New Zealand and in many locations in Australia. www.annieday.com.au

Printmaking Retreat – July

Summer is coming! Nurture your creativity on the Tuscan hills in a gorgeous ancient villa while doing prints in Florence in the historical printmaking studios of Il Bisonte.
In collaboration with Eletto Art Tour we are offering the opportunity to reside in this charming ancient tuscan villa at Impruneta, just 20 minutes by bus from the city centre for a very affordable price, that includes dinners and italian breakfasts and moreover a tutor always around at the villa. It is even possible to set up a visit to one of the main sculpture workshops in Carrara and a foundry specialized in sculptures casting.
The price includes 5 mornings of intaglio printmaking class at Il Bisonte, with a very personalized approach that allows to work on personal projects.

from the 7 to the 16 of July 2019
Villa “Casa per la Pace” Impruneta – Florence (Italy)

from Villa to bus stop (10 min walking)
from bus stop to city center, Santa Maria Novella (20 min by bus)

Fee 660 euro

included in the price:
lodging in a shared room ( 3, 4, 5 beds – with an extra fee you can reserve a single room or a two beds room).
Italian breakfast and dinner.
Printmaking class at Il Bisonte (Firenze) from the 8 to the 12 of July
Access to the Villa’s spaces (studios and garden).
the presence of a tutor from Eletto Art Tour during your stay.

Single room with bathroom (200,00 euro)
Double room with bathroom (150,00 euro)

Optional field trips:
Carrara – Studi d’Arte Michelangelo e all’Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara (50,00 euro)
Pietrasanta – Mariani foundry and Favret mosaics (50,00 euro)
Other cities

Masterclass Michael Goro – 25 and 26 of May

splashing, dripping, smudging… how to take advantage of the accidental in the intaglio process

This course is ideal for artists with printmaking experience. Michael Goro, a prominent intaglio printmaker, and educator will share his unorthodox approach to developing imagery and creating textures. It is going to be the weekend of splashing, dripping, smudging. Participants will loose and regain control over their plates taking advantage of the accidental in the intaglio process. The class will involve experimentation with the alternative ways of creating textures while looking for the right proportion of control and chaos. Some of the techniques offered will involve xerographic toner, spray paint, photocopies as well as scraping, burnishing, and engraving. The object of the course is to produce the completed or almost completed etchings. In order to make it possible participants are encouraged to bring sketches, photos, ideas or feelings of what they would like to create.

Cost 120 euro, basic material included.
Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 of May.
From 10am to 5pm.

Workshop outline
Day 1
a. Introduction of the materials and the technical demonstrations
b. Participants work on their plates implementing the acquired techniques
c. Participants etch the plates

Day 2
a. Further demonstrations
b. Participants proof their plates
c. Individual discussions and refinement of the images

Silkscreen Workshop

Saturday 4 of May, new Silkscreen Workshop, 7 hours of pure creativity squeezed trough the frame. Bring ideas because the material is included in the price!

May the 4th 2019.
from 10am to 5pm.
60€, material included

Printmaking with Tetra Pak

During this workshop we will explore an everyday material to produce a matrix suitable for hand printing.
This workshop is good for beginners but even for experts that want to explore the potentials of this versatile technique.

2 March 2019
Limited spots for the students
Mandatory reservation
Ink and paper included

This workshop is for free

Nuove Tracce – the works of the new teachers of Il Bisonte

On Thursday 21 March we welcome the new professors of the Il Bisonte Foundation School with an exhibition.
Rodolfo Ceccotti remains firmly the director of our school, but new people with new energies and new faces are going to support him, “new” with roots firmly planted in our tradition.
We hope to see you on Thursday, there will be beautiful prints in the gallery and you will have the chance to talk with these new “legs” of the bison.

Rodolfo Ceccotti – Didactic director

Monica Franchini – Specialization Course professor

Luis Pardo – Studio manager

Giulia Seri – Silkscreen

Michela Mascarucci – Letterpress

Federica Rugnone – Photomecanical techniques

Cosimo Ermini and Paola Fortes – Studio assistant

Masterclass Livio Ceschin

Masterclass of Livio Ceschin.
Il Bisonte hosted an exhibition of Livio Ceschin prints few years ago, and another one soon, in the meantime we managed to lure him out of his mountains to come down here to hold a practical workshop. It will lead us to the use of his elective techniques (etching and drypoint), and to the discovery of his landscapes, of his poetry that he manages to find in the most humble ravines, of the lightest snow and the silence of the woods, of the trees.

Saturday 1 February 9.30 – 17
Sunday 2 February, 9.30 – 17

140 euros
120 for those who have already attended our Workshops or Masterclasses
100 euros for the students of the Fine Arts Academies
basic material included in the price

Il Bisonte Foundation Via San Niccolò 24 / rosso, Florence
T. 0552342585


Screen printing Workshop – 1 and 2 December

Screen printing workshop
1 and 2 December 2018
from 10.30am to 5pm
Everyone talks about it and you still do not understand how it works? It’s the right time to come to Il Bisonte and experience the thrill of sliding the squeegee on the frame!
Let’s prepare an acetate together: if you are confident creatives, you will draw directly of it, otherwise bring a file and we will print it together on the acetate sheet. Then we will teach you to spread the jelly on the frame, to impress the screens with your work and to print them. If time will be available we will introduce more colors.

120 euros
100 euros for those who have already attended our Masterclasses or Workshops and for the students of the Accademia delle Belle Arti.

Screen printing materials and some sheets of paper included (if you think you want to print several copies bring a few more sheets from home, and get even T-shirts, shoppers or other material if you want to use them).
For registration or more information write to: school@ilbisonte.it

A summer afternoon, twenty years with the Premio Sciascia amateur d’estampes

Florence, June 22nd, 6pm.
Il Bisonte Gallery
Via San Niccolò 24/red

On June 22nd at 6 pm, in Florence, opens the exhibition of the works of the “Leonardo Sciascia, amateur d’estampes” Prize. The event will take place at the historic gallery of tFondazione Il Bisonte for the Study of Graphic Arts, in via San Niccolò 24 red.

After the exhibition at the Museo della Carta and the Filigrana, in Fabriano, the Prize arrives in Florence, where the Foundation, the Bisonte, symbol of Italian and international printmaking, will be exhibited until September 14th.

There are twenty-nine prints taking part in the ninth edition (2018-2019) of the Sciascia Award, the Biennale of graphic art created by the initiative of the Friends of Leonardo Sciascia. An important event that calls for more and more artists and recalls one of the best writers of the twentieth century and a reference point for several generations.

Observing some of the works in competition in previous editions we note the massive participation of printmakers from all over the world, especially from Asia and Eastern Europe. Therefore works of different cultures that excite through technical skill.

Winner of the 2015-2016 edition is Keisei Kobayashi who, with the series Sunrises again – Illusional planet, brings the possibilities of printing on blocks of wood to new levels. Japanese Xylographer and professor emeritus at Tama Art University, has carried out an intense exhibition activity since 1978. Among the awards, the Grand Prize of the second Seoul International Miniature Print Biennale and the Bronze Prize of Beijiing’s first International Print Biennal.

Stanislaw Kluska is the winner of the seventh edition (2012-2013) of the “Leonardo Sciascia amateur d’estampes” Award, with the opera Peleton. Polish printmaker, painter, illustrator and poster designer, he holds personal exhibitions in several European countries and participates in international collective exhibitions, including the Biennale of Ljubljana, the International Print Biennale in Krakow and the International Award for Engraving in Biella.

The Florentine event will be opened by Simone Guaita, President of Bison, Cristina Giachi, Deputy Mayor and Assessor Education and Niccolò de Laurentiis, Secretary of the Friends of Sciascia. Following the speeches by Rodolfo Ceccotti, Didactic Director of Bisonte and Enrico Gatta, former editor of the culture section of «La Nazione». The meeting is closed by Francesco Izzo, promoter of the event and curator of the catalog.

The international and biennial prize “Leonardo Sciascia, amateur d’estampes”, born in 1998, was established by the Friends of Leonardo Sciascia and the Civic Collection of Prints Achille Bertarelli to remember the passion of the great master for the engraving of art, establishing itself as one of the most prestigious international events in graphic art in its intimate relationship with literature.


Norman Ackroyd, Great Britain
Thiago Arruda, Brasil
Devorah Boxer, France
Catalina Chervin, Argentina
Hélène Damville, France
Mehdi Darvishi, Iran
Peter De Koninck, Belgium
Oleh Denysenko, Ukraine
Elisabetta Diamanti, Italy
Gérard Diaz, France
Stuart Duffin, Great Britain
José Faria, Portugal
Pablo Flaiszman, France
Pascale Hémery, France
Irving Herrera, Mexico
Gabriel Kantor, Italy
Tiina Kivinen, Finland
Stefano Luciano, Italia
Vittorio Manno, Italy
Gino Renzo Merlina, Italy
Sayuri Nishimura, Japan
Masaki Nose, Japan
Sergio Saccomandi, Italy
Ari Sadik, Turkey
Marjan Seyedin, France
Aleksandr Steshenko, Russia
Toshinori Tanuma, Japan
Kouki Tsuritani, Japan
Art Werger, USA


Galleria della Fondazione Il Bisonte, via San Niccolò 24/rosso, Firenze.
orario: 9,00 – 13,00 e 15,00 – 19,00.
Sabato e domenica chiuso.
La mostra rimarrà aperta fino al 14 settembre 2018.
per informazioni
telefono: 055 2342585
email: gallery@ilbisonte.it

31 artists printmakers from Australia

Opening Thursday May 17th – 6.00pm
Il Bisonte Foundation – via San Niccolò, 24r – 50125 Florence
Next Thursday, an exhibition will be inaugurated at Bisonte, with 31 works by as many printmakers from the Firestation Print Studio, Melbourne, Australia.

It is another exhibition added to the group of those collective shows that we have organized with the clear will and the sincere desire to discover the art graphics of other parts of the world, to know who, with their our own language, tell a story different, in this specific case just from the other side of the world: Australia.

These exhibitions are born under the name of Print-link and unlike other group shows are characterized by a parallel exhibition of Il Bisonte artists organized by the institution that we host. So far we have had exhibitions at Il Bisonte with printmakers from England, Finland, Mexico and we plan to have them from Japan and Argentina.

It seems extraordinary that the thread that unites two so distant realities is the same that is traced on the matrices, whether they are made of metal, wood or stone and that printmaker lovers from two opposite sides of the globe they themselves in front of the same prints, speaking different languages ​​with their voices but the same one with their hands.
Il Bisonte Foundation Gallery, via San Niccolò 24 / rosso, Florence.
time: 9.00 – 13.00 and 15.00 – 19.00.
Saturday and Sunday closed.
The exhibition will remain open until June 15, 2018.
for information
telephone: 055 2342585
email: gallery@ilbisonte.it