Sciascia Awards, winners of the IX Premio L. Sciascia

Stefano Luciano – Sayuri Nishimura – Elisabetta Diamanti.

Opening Thursday 24th of October, 6,30pm.
Fondazione Il Bisonte Gallery
Via San Niccolò 24/red, Firenze
Tel. 055 2342585
e-mail: gallery@ilbisonte.it
Firenze, closing on the 15th of November 2019

For several years we have hosted in our gallery the Premio Leonardo Sciascia, Amateur d’Estampes, and since two years ago the newly born exhibition dedicated to the top three winners of the Premio. These two events, which take place every other year, stem from the idea and collaboration with the Association of Friends of Leonardo Sciascia, and from year to year they have grown in quality and fame. The prize is accessed via a personal invitation and I am pleased to invite you to browse through the list of past participants and winners to measure the quality of this event. These three artists that we host for the show on Thursday 24 October are heterogeneous at the limit of the dichotomy in language and poetry, but united by the attention paid to this refined and contemporary language.

Here are some passages from the text by Francesco Izzo, included in the catalog available at the gallery:
“Leonardo Sciascia writes:” Not that I am a reliable judge: but chasing for years prints, etchings and lithographs, at least gives me the certainty of knowing what I like and what I don’t. ” This is not the assessment of the art critic – Sciascia was neither and never claimed to be – but rather of an aesthetic figure that recalls Stendhal and starts from the idea of pleasure. An amateur, then. Whether it is the print of the ‘celestial anarchist’ Luigi Bartolini, the noirs of Odilon Redon or, as I know, the poetry of Nunzio Gulino, Sciascia prefers to touch the paper of the print as a source of joy and comfort to living.

On the last nine editions there were more than two hundred and fifty-seven prints, and are forty-two the countries of the invited artists. At the end of each exhibition cycle, invariably, all the prints enter by donation into the heritage of the most important cabinet of Italian prints, “la Bertarelli” in Milan.

This is the third time in the history of the Sciascia Prize – thanks to the passion, the availability and the initiative of three of our historical partners (the Il Bisonte Foundation, in Florence, the International School of Graphics in Venice, the Museum della Carta e della Filigrana, of Fabriano) – that a selection of the most important works of the first three classified artists is brought to the attention of the public. These three additional exhibitions allow the pubblic to broaden and deepen the knowledge of the works of Stefano Luciano, Sayuri Nishimura and Elisabetta Diamanti, selected by the international jury of the 2018-2019 edition. We are showing them together under the acronym Sciascia Awards. While waiting for the tenth edition of the Premio Sciascia, do not miss the opportunity to see this joy for your eyes and refine your taste. Surely not a minor art. “

Alejandro Martìnez – Experiences, graphic memories

Opening on thursday 19 of June at 6,30 pm
Fondazione Il Bisonte Gallery
Via San Niccolò 24/rosso, Firenze
Tel. 055 2342585
e-mail: gallery@ilbisonte.it
Florence, 19 of September to October 2019

Prints of Alejandro Martinez, that we already hosted last year: he had a workshop about the use of cochinilla in art, he is now showing in our gallery.

Humans have always tried to give meaning to life, some have thought of finding it in money, social recognition, political power and many other things.

However, beyond the material sphere, in the solitude of the mind, in the investigation of our past and in the contemporaneity of the present, we treasure the experiences that are relevant to us in the moment.

It is true that not all experiences are good and that the adult human being is the result of an accumulation of both positive and negative experiences which shape our temperament; from here the artist finds a way to express his memories woven into the plot of his graphic works, giving color to the experiences that have satisfied him.

In this great exhibition of graphic works Alejandro Martìnez shares his experiences, his memories, his story and tells us a little about his family, his illusions, his roots and the importance of transcending in art, remembering the great stories that will lead us from the present to a future full of hope.

The carmine master of cochineal captures the memories of the soul, his smiles, his stories through different techniques of graphic art.

Lili Barone Kantor – Etchings and drawings

Opening ob Friday 14th of June at 6pm
Gallery of the Fondazione Il Bisonte
San Niccolò street, 24/red, Firenze
Tel. 055 2342585
e-mail: gallery@ilbisonte.it
Firenze, 14 giugno – 14 luglio 2019

From the catalogue, available at the opening:
…È tuttavia meraviglioso come, malgrado l’inevitabile lentezza dei procedimenti d’incisione e di stampa, le opere di Lili mantengano la freschezza d’una prima emozione, come trasmettano la gioia del vedere e del fare. Lili dà nelle incisioni nuova vita alle cose spesso inosservate che ha vicine, come il ramo spezzato d’una rosa, la biforcazione d’un albero.”

Carlo Bertelli
Già direttore della Calcografia Nazionale

Michael Goro – Etchings

Opening thursday 23th of May at 6.00pm
Gallery of the Fondazione Il Bisonte
Via San Niccolò 24/red, Firenze
Tel. 055 2342585
e-mail: gallery@ilbisonte.it
Firenze, 23th of May – 12th of June 2019

Michael Goro was born in 1966 and raised in Saint Petersburg, Russia where he received his B.A. in architecture. In 1990 he emigrated to Jerusalem, Israel where he discovered intaglio printmaking and began to use it as his main medium. In 1993 he moved to the U.S. and completed his education, receiving an M.F.A. in printmaking at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is currently the Chairman of the Graphics Department of the American Academy of Art in Chicago, whose program he has developed and taught in the past fifteen years. Goro’s works can be found in numerous private and public collections. He has held residencies and has exhibited widely worldwide. Mr. Goro has received a number of prestigious international awards in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

These modest lines about Michael Goro do not do justice to his work: his prints are deep and complex, both in language and technique. Meticulous but not as an embroidery but as a modifying force that works the plate with impetuousness and meticulousness, bending it physically to the artist’s will. His engravings are powerful urban landscapes, where the city is always the anti-hero protagonist of his narrative, sometimes balanced by counterpoint incursions headed by iconic figures such as Renaissance portraits.

Robin Ezra and Annie Day

Drawn to Print

Inaugurazione martedì 30 aprile alle ore 18.00
Galleria della Fondazione Il Bisonte
Via San Niccolò 24/rosso, Firenze
Tel. 055 2342585
e-mail: gallery@ilbisonte.it
Firenze, 30 aprile – 17 maggio 2019

Visions of a different nature from the one we are accustomed, exotic animals on one side but at the same time classic, friendly, almost familiar faces, all punctuated by landscapes of archaic, medieval cities, a fascinating intertwining that joins a storytelling that Il Bisonte already hosted: Australia. But this time the narrative voices are those of two sisters who have made printmaking their most vibrant expression. They have been visiting us in Florence for over ten years, bringing with them other artists, to immerse themselves in the sparkling spring atmosphere of this city and to work in our print studios. The story of printmaking is not new to unite the whole world with protean freshness. But the wonder of this exhibition comes from this mixture of exotic and familiar, which is perhaps one of the most distinctive traits of Australian culture.

Printmaking Sisters

Robin Ezra and Annie Day are sisters who grew up in an artistic household in Australia – their mother a creator of exclusive garments and their father a photographer.
Annie has been a practicing artist since gaining her painting diploma in 1974 from the National Art School, Sydney.
Robin first enrolled in Life Drawing classes at the ANU School of Art in 1985.
Printmaking Sisters are passionate advocates of safer, healthier and environmentally friendly printmaking techniques.
Over the past 14 years they have taught together these safer techniques in Florence, UK, New Zealand and in many locations in Australia. www.annieday.com.au

Nuove Tracce – the works of the new teachers of Il Bisonte

On Thursday 21 March we welcome the new professors of the Il Bisonte Foundation School with an exhibition.
Rodolfo Ceccotti remains firmly the director of our school, but new people with new energies and new faces are going to support him, “new” with roots firmly planted in our tradition.
We hope to see you on Thursday, there will be beautiful prints in the gallery and you will have the chance to talk with these new “legs” of the bison.

Rodolfo Ceccotti – Didactic director

Monica Franchini – Specialization Course professor

Luis Pardo – Studio manager

Giulia Seri – Silkscreen

Michela Mascarucci – Letterpress

Federica Rugnone – Photomecanical techniques

Cosimo Ermini and Paola Fortes – Studio assistant


31 artists printmakers from Australia

Opening Thursday May 17th – 6.00pm
Il Bisonte Foundation – via San Niccolò, 24r – 50125 Florence
Next Thursday, an exhibition will be inaugurated at Bisonte, with 31 works by as many printmakers from the Firestation Print Studio, Melbourne, Australia.

It is another exhibition added to the group of those collective shows that we have organized with the clear will and the sincere desire to discover the art graphics of other parts of the world, to know who, with their our own language, tell a story different, in this specific case just from the other side of the world: Australia.

These exhibitions are born under the name of Print-link and unlike other group shows are characterized by a parallel exhibition of Il Bisonte artists organized by the institution that we host. So far we have had exhibitions at Il Bisonte with printmakers from England, Finland, Mexico and we plan to have them from Japan and Argentina.

It seems extraordinary that the thread that unites two so distant realities is the same that is traced on the matrices, whether they are made of metal, wood or stone and that printmaker lovers from two opposite sides of the globe they themselves in front of the same prints, speaking different languages ​​with their voices but the same one with their hands.
Il Bisonte Foundation Gallery, via San Niccolò 24 / rosso, Florence.
time: 9.00 – 13.00 and 15.00 – 19.00.
Saturday and Sunday closed.
The exhibition will remain open until June 15, 2018.
for information
telephone: 055 2342585
email: gallery@ilbisonte.it

Contemporary American Prints

Contemporary American Prints
Il Bisonte Gallery
San Niccolò 24/red
Firenze, Italia

Exhibition Free and Open to the Public: September 9-23, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday, September 9, from 6-8pm
Gallery Talk with the Curator: Friday, September 9, from 7-8pm
Gallery hours: from monday to friday, 9am-1pm and 3-7pm.
saturday on appointment.
Contact: gallery@ilbisonte.it
Tel. 0039 (0)55 2342585

Featured Artists:
Miguel Aragon, Staten Island, New York
Emily Arthur, Madison, Wisconsin
Janet Ballweg, Bowling Green, Ohio
Michael Barnes, Saint Charles, Illinois
Josh Dannin, Manchester, New Hampshire
Andrew DeCaen, Denton, Texas
Jeffrey Dell, San Marcos, Texas,
Amze Emmons, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Lari Gibbons, Denton, TX
Karla Hackenmiller, Athens, Ohio
Nicole Hand, Murray, Kentucky
Melissa Harshman, Athens, Georgia
John Hitchcock, Madison, Wisconsin
Michael Krueger, Lawrence, Kansas
Carrie Lingscheit, Chicago, Illinois
Beauvais Lyons, Knoxville, Tennessee
Kathryn Maxwell, Tempe, Arizona
Phyllis McGibbon, Wellesley, Massachusetts
Yoonmi Nam, Lawrence, Kansas
Ashley Nason, Eaton, Colorado
Kathryn Polk, Tucson, Arizona,
Andrew Raftery, Providence, Rhode Island
Jason Scuilla, Manhattan, Kansas
Hyeyoung Shin, Kansas City, Missouri
Tanja Softic, Richmond, Virginia
Jon Swindler, Athens, Georgia
Erik Waterkotte, Charlotte, North Carolina
Art Werger, Athens, Ohio
Koichi Yamamoto, Knoxville, Tennessee
Rina Yoon, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Exhibition:
This exhibition features contemporary printmakers of the United States of America.
American artist, Andrew DeCaen has curated this exhibition as part of his Artist in Residency during the month of September at the Il Bisonte Foundation for Printmaking.
The exhibition includes a selection of artists hailing from a variety of geographic regions in the United States and representing the status of the contemporary research, aesthetics and technical diversity in printmaking. These artists work in modes from figuration, surrealist trajectories, image sampling, naturalistic documentation, and lyrical abstraction, exploring current issues including environmental concerns, urban development and blight, feminism, desensitization of modern violence, and interruptions of conventionally held truths. The exhibition demonstrates the vitality and diversity of contemporary printmaking with a wide variety of processes and techniques including: woodcut relief, letterpress relief, relief embossing, acid etching, electrolytic etching, aquatint, metal engraving, photo-intaglio, stone lithography, plate lithography, screen print, layered digital printing, and other delicate and complex techniques.

English Language Links:
Andrew DeCaen: www.andrewdecaen.com

Hayk Grigoryan – Prints


Thursday 8 October,  will open the exhibition of the Armenian printmaker Hayk Grigoryan

Galleria Il Bisonte, Via San Niccolò, 24rosso, Firenze

The artist will atnd the opening

The exhibition will close on the 16 of November 2015
timetable: monday to friday 9/13 and 15/19
Saturday and Sunday the gallery is closed
Tel. 055 2342585 – email: gallery@ilbisonte.it – www.ilbisonte.it
… “The development of figurative topic in my works is extremely important, in fact, the genuine essence of the engravings is opened via them. My signs and symbols are born and ripen during the work on compositions, and frequently, they visit in dreams”.
Hayk Grigoryan

…Certainly, as a representative of a new and young generation of artists, Hayk Grigoryan contemplates about the destiny of art and understands the globalization as a great synthesis of various national and cultural traditions. On the other hand, however, he understands and carefully explores the tradition of the world art, particularly the world of graphics as an important search of the human nature in the course of his life. Consider the depth of his understanding and expression of human character. Here are some of them: “Noah”, “Trdat”, “Don Quixote”, and “Esse Homo”…
from the etx “Art as a Skill and Experience of the Skill as a Search for Inspiration”, by Ruben Angaladian, Art critic, philosopher

…From the earliest works of the artist elements of paradoxal connection of rationalism and freak of imagination, of strict scrupulous compositions and its free incompleteness, fragmentation and mysteriously made-up images are observed.

Hayk’s original engravings, their complicated metaphoric and symbolic nature, are similar to “non-decodable” alchemical figures which, basically, possessed independent character and did not act as direct illustrations to the text and were made only for ‘activation of imagination”. On the reference to alchemical “lexicon” unambiguously hint the wizard – old man, salamander-fire, the name of some graphic sheets – “Earth”, “Air”, “The Fifth Element” and so on…
from the text: “Beyond the Dream”, by Arthur Hakobyan, Artist, Doctor of Arts

…Grigoryan’s ex-libris deserve a high respect because beyond their precise graphic expression, they espress contents which are far away from the symbolism and the allegories of the bookplates we are used to. Grigoryan’s library marks emit wholly visual poetry. The artist conceives the creation of his bookplates in short series which complement each other and he enjoys giving them a title although they are meant for different possessors…
from the text: “Poet of the Sign”, by Prof. Francesc Orenes Navarro, Barcelona, Spain