Printmaking – Base Course


Start dates:


Period A) January 10th  – April 6th
Period B) April 9th – June 29th
Period C) September 10th – November 30th


Period A) January 9th  – March 29th
Period B) April 1st – June 28th
Period C) September 9th – November 29th

from Monday to Friday: 9 am – 1 pm
€ 2.250 (materials not included)
The course offers opportunities for beginners or intermediates to start a personal creative research. The course offers practical, straightforward training in the use of the traditional techniques. The workshop practice is strongly underlined. This course is regarded as the basic module for an initial approach to the main themes of printmaking: a solid knowledge of the tools and the specific materials, preparation of zinc or copper plates from the beveling of the edge to the application of the ground; sketch conception, execution of drawing and their transferral to the plate; introduction to black an white etching and aquatint, including practical work; an a basic train of other printmaking techniques (drypoint, soft ground etching, pastel-manner, sugar-lift) introduction to printing processes with a hand-operated press and relative exercises, including some print variation.