We have uploaded the new call for the scholarship offered by Luisa Romagnoli Conti. It is the only scholarship designed just for international students. Have a look at it in the Scholarship section.




6 thoughts on “Scholarship call

Steph Houstein says:

Dear Simone,
I have not been able to find the link for the scholarship application form. When I have clicked on the scholarship category on your website and it only reverts to your notice from September 1st.
Steph Houstein

Steph Houstein says:

Hi Simone,
I have just received a reply email but I’m sorry, I don’t understand Italian! I have searched the web site and cannot find any link for an application form for the Scholarship offered by Luisa Romagnoli Conti,
Regards, Steph Houstein

    Simone says:

    Hi Steph, we sent it to your email address.

Prasad Nikumbh says:

Hi simone, This is prasad nikumbh from india. I cannot find the website/link for an application for the schlorship….

Madeline says:

Hi Simone,
Where and when will the scholarship classification list be posted?
Thank you!

kay fourie says:

How does your scolarships for international students work?

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