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Giovedì 8 ottobre, alle ore 18, inaugurazione della mostra dell’incisore armeno Hayk Grigoryan

Galleria Il Bisonte, Via San Niccolò, 24rosso, Firenze

Sarà presente l’artista
La mostra rimarrà aperta fino al 6 novembre 2015
con il seguente orario: lunedì-venerdì 9/13 e 15/19
sabato e domenica chiuso
Tel. 055 2342585 – email: gallery@ilbisonte.it – www.ilbisonte.it
… “The development of figurative topic in my works is extremely important, in fact, the genuine essence of the engravings is opened via them. My signs and symbols are born and ripen during the work on compositions, and frequently, they visit in dreams”.
Hayk Grigoryan

…Certainly, as a representative of a new and young generation of artists, Hayk Grigoryan contemplates about the destiny of art and understands the globalization as a great synthesis of various national and cultural traditions. On the other hand, however, he understands and carefully explores the tradition of the world art, particularly the world of graphics as an important search of the human nature in the course of his life. Consider the depth of his understanding and expression of human character. Here are some of them: “Noah”, “Trdat”, “Don Quixote”, and “Esse Homo”…
dal testo “Art as a Skill and Experience of the Skill as a Search for Inspiration”, di Ruben Angaladian, Art critic, philosopher

…From the earliest works of the artist elements of paradoxal connection of rationalism and freak of imagination, of strict scrupulous compositions and its free incompleteness, fragmentation and mysteriously made-up images are observed.

Hayk’s original engravings, their complicated metaphoric and symbolic nature, are similar to “non-decodable” alchemical figures which, basically, possessed independent character and did not act as direct illustrations to the text and were made only for ‘activation of imagination”. On the reference to alchemical “lexicon” unambiguously hint the wizard – old man, salamander-fire, the name of some graphic sheets – “Earth”, “Air”, “The Fifth Element” and so on…
dal testo: “Beyond the Dream”, di Arthur Hakobyan, Artist, Doctor of Arts

…Grigoryan’s ex-libris deserve a high respect because beyond their precise graphic expression, they espress contents which are far away from the symbolism and the allegories of the bookplates we are used to. Grigoryan’s library marks emit wholly visual poetry. The artist conceives the creation of his bookplates in short series which complement each other and he enjoys giving them a title although they are meant for different possessors…
dal testo: “Poet of the Sign”, del Prof. Francesc Orenes Navarro, Barcelona, Spain




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