Alejandro Martìnez – Experiences, graphic memories

Opening on thursday 19 of June at 6,30 pm
Fondazione Il Bisonte Gallery
Via San Niccolò 24/rosso, Firenze
Tel. 055 2342585
e-mail: gallery@ilbisonte.it
Florence, 19 of September to October 2019

Prints of Alejandro Martinez, that we already hosted last year: he had a workshop about the use of cochinilla in art, he is now showing in our gallery.

Humans have always tried to give meaning to life, some have thought of finding it in money, social recognition, political power and many other things.

However, beyond the material sphere, in the solitude of the mind, in the investigation of our past and in the contemporaneity of the present, we treasure the experiences that are relevant to us in the moment.

It is true that not all experiences are good and that the adult human being is the result of an accumulation of both positive and negative experiences which shape our temperament; from here the artist finds a way to express his memories woven into the plot of his graphic works, giving color to the experiences that have satisfied him.

In this great exhibition of graphic works Alejandro Martìnez shares his experiences, his memories, his story and tells us a little about his family, his illusions, his roots and the importance of transcending in art, remembering the great stories that will lead us from the present to a future full of hope.

The carmine master of cochineal captures the memories of the soul, his smiles, his stories through different techniques of graphic art.




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