Kim and Bill Darling – etchings

The artists Kim and Bill Darling attend Il Bisonte printmaking studio in Florence since many years, we celebrate this long lasting friendship with an exhibition the presents their work to the Florentine public, prints that witness their love for the intaglio techniques and for our city, that is shown with intimate affection.

Bill and Kim Darling are co-owners of Gatto Nero Press in St. Johnsbury Vermont. They have both taught visual art at St. Johnsbury Academy, an independent high school, for over 20 years, and during that time have brought the student members of their printmaking group, The Intaglio Society, to Il Bisonte each spring to study printmaking. Many of their students have participated in the workshops multiple times, and some have returned to Il Bisonte to study printmaking on their own after graduation from St. Johnsbury Academy.

Many of the prints exhibited here were inspired by experiences in Florence, with those plates belong created in the Il Bisonte studios. Kim’s “Futurism Was”, and “Along the Arno” were inspired by Il Bisonte and its neighborhood. Bill’s “Chaos” was drawn onto the plate while observing from life the ancient olive tree memorializing the May 27, 1993 bombing of the Uffizi. Bill’s “Bee”, and Kim’s “Baby”, “Turtle” and “Blowfish” were drawn onto the plates at the La Specola Museum of Natural History. Bill’s “Cheese” “Rockfish” and “California” were created at Crown Point Press in San Francisco. The remainder of the prints were created at Gatto Nero Press in St. Johnsbury, Vermont.

Calla Lily

Bill Darling

Bill Darling was born in White Plains, New York in 1955. He studied painting and printmaking at The Art Students League of New York and was the recipient of numerous scholarships and awards including two years of consecutive study from the Sherwood Foundation.

Notable commissions include a four by six foot oil painting painted on location at Shirakawa, Japan, a designated Unesco World Cultural Heritage site and a life size basswood sculpture of the crucified Christ for the main altar, St. Johns Catholic Church, St. Johnsbury, Vermont.

Bill teaches and works in diverse mediums, but intaglio printmaking is his passion. He and his wife, artist Kim Darling, are co-owners of Gatto Nero Press Studio and Gallery where they host exhibitions, teach workshops and create and publish intaglio prints. In 1996 Bill and Kim founded The Intaglio Society at St. Johnsbury Academy, and for the past twenty years have brought their students to Florence Italy to the Il Bisonte studios to further build these young printmakers skills and artmaking experiences.

Along the Arno

Kim Darling

Kim Darling is a visual artist with studio and teaching practices firmly rooted in observational drawing. She has worked in a variety of mediums, including oil and fresco painting and “Moving Drawing” video installations. Her current studio work is mainly in intaglio printmaking. Her favored way of working is to use the accidental effects of random scratching and semi-controlled erosion of copper plates to unlock themes and imaginings, which she then develops through drawing. She and her husband, co-exhibitor Bill Darling, are the owners of Gatto Nero Press and Studio in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, where they create their own intaglio prints and teach drawing and printmaking classes.
Teaching is an important part of Kim’s artistic practice. She is committed to helping keep cognition through drawing a part of contemporary artistic processes through teaching observational drawing, oil painting and printmaking. She currently teaches at St. Johnsbury Academy in St. Johnsbury, Vermont.
Kim’s educational background includes a BFA from Alfred University in Alfred, New York; extended study at the Art Students League of New York, of which she is a life member; and an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts in Montpelier, Vermont.