Dear friends,

In compliance with the D.P.C.M of 11/03/2020, we are to communicate the changes of our opening hours and the changes to the calendar of our activities.

The gallery is closed at least till the 3rd of April.
The secretariat is open with the following timetable
Monday to Friday: 9am – 12am – not open to pubblic

The school and the print studio are closed, all workshops and educational activities are suspended.

ATTENTION the exhibition will be open from today as scheduled but the opening – following the Ministerial Decree issued last night at 7 pm – has been transformed into finissage which will take place on Friday 27 March at 6 pm. We hope to see you numerous! <<<

Open from the 5th to the 27th of March
at the foundation gallery
Via San Niccolò 24 / red, Florence
Telephone +39 055 2352585
email gallery@ilbisonte.it

We gladly host a personal exhibition of Gianni Verna al Bisonte, this time without the his faithful collegue Gianfranco Schialvino who is present only with a text in the cataloguet.
It is not the first time that we see him at Bisonte or in Florence: in 2010, he and Schialvino were guests at the National Central Library of Florence where they exhibited SMENS, the magazine they designed and dedicated to woodcut, while in 2012 and 1993 they had two exhibitions here with us.
The purity of their research, the feverish dedication to this technical language, are the backbone of a research that finds resonance and affinity here at Il Bisonte.

Rodolfo Ceccotti writes:
Gianni Verna and Gianfranco Schialvino are the most authoritative Italian woodblockers. In this exhibition “Pinocchio”, Verna presents the story of the most famous puppet in the world with six large format prints: strips engraved as old time comics; he focuses his attention mostly on the animals that populate the tale of Collodi and is the friend Schialvino who writes about him in the catalogue. Verna’s Pinocchio is not an easy one: he does not wink or seek consensus or complicity; it is hard, indeed it would seem here and there to seem even unfriendly, unkind, disrespectful. But it touches high points of inspiration and suggestion, with the acme of the final chapters, when the text focus on the ethical intent that will lead to the happy ending … In addition to Schialvino’s text, the catalog is authoritatively witnessed also by Paola Pallottine that tells the original [Verna] invention of reading, in woodcuts six 30cm high x 2 meters wide, the masterpiece collodian through 26 animals that populate it.