Masterclass Michael Goro – 25 and 26 of May

splashing, dripping, smudging… how to take advantage of the accidental in the intaglio process

This course is ideal for artists with printmaking experience. Michael Goro, a prominent intaglio printmaker, and educator will share his unorthodox approach to developing imagery and creating textures. It is going to be the weekend of splashing, dripping, smudging. Participants will loose and regain control over their plates taking advantage of the accidental in the intaglio process. The class will involve experimentation with the alternative ways of creating textures while looking for the right proportion of control and chaos. Some of the techniques offered will involve xerographic toner, spray paint, photocopies as well as scraping, burnishing, and engraving. The object of the course is to produce the completed or almost completed etchings. In order to make it possible participants are encouraged to bring sketches, photos, ideas or feelings of what they would like to create.

Cost 120 euro, basic material included.
Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 of May.
From 10am to 5pm.

Workshop outline
Day 1
a. Introduction of the materials and the technical demonstrations
b. Participants work on their plates implementing the acquired techniques
c. Participants etch the plates

Day 2
a. Further demonstrations
b. Participants proof their plates
c. Individual discussions and refinement of the images

Masterclass Livio Ceschin

Masterclass of Livio Ceschin.
Il Bisonte hosted an exhibition of Livio Ceschin prints few years ago, and another one soon, in the meantime we managed to lure him out of his mountains to come down here to hold a practical workshop. It will lead us to the use of his elective techniques (etching and drypoint), and to the discovery of his landscapes, of his poetry that he manages to find in the most humble ravines, of the lightest snow and the silence of the woods, of the trees.

Saturday 1 February 9.30 – 17
Sunday 2 February, 9.30 – 17

140 euros
120 for those who have already attended our Workshops or Masterclasses
100 euros for the students of the Fine Arts Academies
basic material included in the price

Il Bisonte Foundation Via San Niccolò 24 / rosso, Florence
T. 0552342585