Dear friends,

In compliance with the D.P.C.M of 11/03/2020, we are to communicate the changes of our opening hours and the changes to the calendar of our activities.

The gallery is closed at least till the 3rd of April.
The secretariat is open with the following timetable
Monday to Friday: 9am – 12am – not open to pubblic

The school and the print studio are closed, all workshops and educational activities are suspended.

ATTENTION the exhibition will be open from today as scheduled but the opening – following the Ministerial Decree issued last night at 7 pm – has been transformed into finissage which will take place on Friday 27 March at 6 pm. We hope to see you numerous! <<<

Open from the 5th to the 27th of March
at the foundation gallery
Via San Niccolò 24 / red, Florence
Telephone +39 055 2352585
email gallery@ilbisonte.it

We gladly host a personal exhibition of Gianni Verna al Bisonte, this time without the his faithful collegue Gianfranco Schialvino who is present only with a text in the cataloguet.
It is not the first time that we see him at Bisonte or in Florence: in 2010, he and Schialvino were guests at the National Central Library of Florence where they exhibited SMENS, the magazine they designed and dedicated to woodcut, while in 2012 and 1993 they had two exhibitions here with us.
The purity of their research, the feverish dedication to this technical language, are the backbone of a research that finds resonance and affinity here at Il Bisonte.

Rodolfo Ceccotti writes:
Gianni Verna and Gianfranco Schialvino are the most authoritative Italian woodblockers. In this exhibition “Pinocchio”, Verna presents the story of the most famous puppet in the world with six large format prints: strips engraved as old time comics; he focuses his attention mostly on the animals that populate the tale of Collodi and is the friend Schialvino who writes about him in the catalogue. Verna’s Pinocchio is not an easy one: he does not wink or seek consensus or complicity; it is hard, indeed it would seem here and there to seem even unfriendly, unkind, disrespectful. But it touches high points of inspiration and suggestion, with the acme of the final chapters, when the text focus on the ethical intent that will lead to the happy ending … In addition to Schialvino’s text, the catalog is authoritatively witnessed also by Paola Pallottine that tells the original [Verna] invention of reading, in woodcuts six 30cm high x 2 meters wide, the masterpiece collodian through 26 animals that populate it.

Kim and Bill Darling – etchings

The artists Kim and Bill Darling attend Il Bisonte printmaking studio in Florence since many years, we celebrate this long lasting friendship with an exhibition the presents their work to the Florentine public, prints that witness their love for the intaglio techniques and for our city, that is shown with intimate affection.

Bill and Kim Darling are co-owners of Gatto Nero Press in St. Johnsbury Vermont. They have both taught visual art at St. Johnsbury Academy, an independent high school, for over 20 years, and during that time have brought the student members of their printmaking group, The Intaglio Society, to Il Bisonte each spring to study printmaking. Many of their students have participated in the workshops multiple times, and some have returned to Il Bisonte to study printmaking on their own after graduation from St. Johnsbury Academy.

Many of the prints exhibited here were inspired by experiences in Florence, with those plates belong created in the Il Bisonte studios. Kim’s “Futurism Was”, and “Along the Arno” were inspired by Il Bisonte and its neighborhood. Bill’s “Chaos” was drawn onto the plate while observing from life the ancient olive tree memorializing the May 27, 1993 bombing of the Uffizi. Bill’s “Bee”, and Kim’s “Baby”, “Turtle” and “Blowfish” were drawn onto the plates at the La Specola Museum of Natural History. Bill’s “Cheese” “Rockfish” and “California” were created at Crown Point Press in San Francisco. The remainder of the prints were created at Gatto Nero Press in St. Johnsbury, Vermont.

Calla Lily

Bill Darling

Bill Darling was born in White Plains, New York in 1955. He studied painting and printmaking at The Art Students League of New York and was the recipient of numerous scholarships and awards including two years of consecutive study from the Sherwood Foundation.

Notable commissions include a four by six foot oil painting painted on location at Shirakawa, Japan, a designated Unesco World Cultural Heritage site and a life size basswood sculpture of the crucified Christ for the main altar, St. Johns Catholic Church, St. Johnsbury, Vermont.

Bill teaches and works in diverse mediums, but intaglio printmaking is his passion. He and his wife, artist Kim Darling, are co-owners of Gatto Nero Press Studio and Gallery where they host exhibitions, teach workshops and create and publish intaglio prints. In 1996 Bill and Kim founded The Intaglio Society at St. Johnsbury Academy, and for the past twenty years have brought their students to Florence Italy to the Il Bisonte studios to further build these young printmakers skills and artmaking experiences.

Along the Arno

Kim Darling

Kim Darling is a visual artist with studio and teaching practices firmly rooted in observational drawing. She has worked in a variety of mediums, including oil and fresco painting and “Moving Drawing” video installations. Her current studio work is mainly in intaglio printmaking. Her favored way of working is to use the accidental effects of random scratching and semi-controlled erosion of copper plates to unlock themes and imaginings, which she then develops through drawing. She and her husband, co-exhibitor Bill Darling, are the owners of Gatto Nero Press and Studio in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, where they create their own intaglio prints and teach drawing and printmaking classes.
Teaching is an important part of Kim’s artistic practice. She is committed to helping keep cognition through drawing a part of contemporary artistic processes through teaching observational drawing, oil painting and printmaking. She currently teaches at St. Johnsbury Academy in St. Johnsbury, Vermont.
Kim’s educational background includes a BFA from Alfred University in Alfred, New York; extended study at the Art Students League of New York, of which she is a life member; and an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts in Montpelier, Vermont.

Annual Exhibition 2019

Opening on Friday 29 of November at 6,30pm.
Gallery of the Fondazione Il Bisonte,
San Niccolo’ 24/red, Firenze
tel. 055 2342585
e-mail gallery@ilbisonte.it

29 November – 20 December 2019

Let’s celebrate together the end of our 2018/2019 courses, come to explore with us the prints that our young artists created: poetry embodied in print through the fineness of skilled hands

Prints by :
Maddalena Carfora
Costanza Lettieri
Paola Lucrezi
Poom Wisidwinyoo
Lucia Aralla
Gabriele Ermini
Thomas Carroll Brentnall
Cosimo Ermini

Perpetual Lymbo of Unconfortable Truth
Thomas Carroll
Paola Lucrezi
Poom Wisidwinyoo
La Gazzetta
Gabriele Ermini
Stendere le vele
Maddalena Carfora
Casa Mia
Costanza Lettieri
Matria Bianca
Lucia Aralla
Gum Print Workshop

Gum Print or Paper Litography is a technique of art printing considered the “poor” version of lithography as less expensive and easier to find materials are used.
Using the photocopy as a plate, it is possible to transfer laser-printed images using the chemical reaction process that takes place between the toner of a photocopy and the use of gum arabic. This technique is perfect for high contrast images that maintain a particular graphic quality. During the workshop we will deal with the preparatory phase of the photocopy and the subsequent printing with the chalcographic press.

Each participant is invited to bring:
photos or images in well contrasted gray scale, printed in B / W by laser printer or put on USB key (any changes will be made directly on the day of the workshop via PC during the design phase of the photocopy matrices).
Two vegetable sponges (non-abrasive, calypso type)

Saturday, June 15,
From 10 to 17
60 euros

Material included (but remember to bring the two sponges!)

Workshop led by Federica Rugnone

Cyanotype workshop

Finally spring arrived and outside shines the warm and bright June sun: light, lots of light, and with this we will make beautiful prints. Such as? With cyanotype!
(We will use lamps and not just the sun).
The light to draw through a photosensitive solution applied on sheets of paper combined with the use of negatives and masks, all designed by you.
Creatively explore the border between light and shadow to give shape to your artistic projects!

A workshop whose ultimate goal is to provide all the information needed to make the participants autonomous once they have learned the process. After the presentation of the technique you will be guided in the preparation of the photosensitive solution and then in the printing process on paper.

It is advisable to bring with you a drawing or print on acetate (both good or negative) and objects such as flowers, leaves or fabric textures.

We are waiting for you at the Bisonte for the Cyanotype workshop.

Saturday 8 June,
From 10 to 17
60 euros
Material included

Saturday, June 15 there will be a gumprint workshop.
its price is 60 euros, if you have done this cyanotype workshop before then it will only cost 40 euros, for a total of 100 euros for two workshops.

Both Cyanotype and Gumprint workshops are taught by Federica Rugnone

Robin Ezra and Annie Day

Drawn to Print

Inaugurazione martedì 30 aprile alle ore 18.00
Galleria della Fondazione Il Bisonte
Via San Niccolò 24/rosso, Firenze
Tel. 055 2342585
e-mail: gallery@ilbisonte.it
Firenze, 30 aprile – 17 maggio 2019

Visions of a different nature from the one we are accustomed, exotic animals on one side but at the same time classic, friendly, almost familiar faces, all punctuated by landscapes of archaic, medieval cities, a fascinating intertwining that joins a storytelling that Il Bisonte already hosted: Australia. But this time the narrative voices are those of two sisters who have made printmaking their most vibrant expression. They have been visiting us in Florence for over ten years, bringing with them other artists, to immerse themselves in the sparkling spring atmosphere of this city and to work in our print studios. The story of printmaking is not new to unite the whole world with protean freshness. But the wonder of this exhibition comes from this mixture of exotic and familiar, which is perhaps one of the most distinctive traits of Australian culture.

Printmaking Sisters

Robin Ezra and Annie Day are sisters who grew up in an artistic household in Australia – their mother a creator of exclusive garments and their father a photographer.
Annie has been a practicing artist since gaining her painting diploma in 1974 from the National Art School, Sydney.
Robin first enrolled in Life Drawing classes at the ANU School of Art in 1985.
Printmaking Sisters are passionate advocates of safer, healthier and environmentally friendly printmaking techniques.
Over the past 14 years they have taught together these safer techniques in Florence, UK, New Zealand and in many locations in Australia. www.annieday.com.au

Printmaking Retreat – July

Summer is coming! Nurture your creativity on the Tuscan hills in a gorgeous ancient villa while doing prints in Florence in the historical printmaking studios of Il Bisonte.
In collaboration with Eletto Art Tour we are offering the opportunity to reside in this charming ancient tuscan villa at Impruneta, just 20 minutes by bus from the city centre for a very affordable price, that includes dinners and italian breakfasts and moreover a tutor always around at the villa. It is even possible to set up a visit to one of the main sculpture workshops in Carrara and a foundry specialized in sculptures casting.
The price includes 5 mornings of intaglio printmaking class at Il Bisonte, with a very personalized approach that allows to work on personal projects.

from the 7 to the 16 of July 2019
Villa “Casa per la Pace” Impruneta – Florence (Italy)

from Villa to bus stop (10 min walking)
from bus stop to city center, Santa Maria Novella (20 min by bus)

Fee 660 euro

included in the price:
lodging in a shared room ( 3, 4, 5 beds – with an extra fee you can reserve a single room or a two beds room).
Italian breakfast and dinner.
Printmaking class at Il Bisonte (Firenze) from the 8 to the 12 of July
Access to the Villa’s spaces (studios and garden).
the presence of a tutor from Eletto Art Tour during your stay.

Single room with bathroom (200,00 euro)
Double room with bathroom (150,00 euro)

Optional field trips:
Carrara – Studi d’Arte Michelangelo e all’Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara (50,00 euro)
Pietrasanta – Mariani foundry and Favret mosaics (50,00 euro)
Other cities

Nuove Tracce – the works of the new teachers of Il Bisonte

On Thursday 21 March we welcome the new professors of the Il Bisonte Foundation School with an exhibition.
Rodolfo Ceccotti remains firmly the director of our school, but new people with new energies and new faces are going to support him, “new” with roots firmly planted in our tradition.
We hope to see you on Thursday, there will be beautiful prints in the gallery and you will have the chance to talk with these new “legs” of the bison.

Rodolfo Ceccotti – Didactic director

Monica Franchini – Specialization Course professor

Luis Pardo – Studio manager

Giulia Seri – Silkscreen

Michela Mascarucci – Letterpress

Federica Rugnone – Photomecanical techniques

Cosimo Ermini and Paola Fortes – Studio assistant

During the Chsitmas Holidays 2015 Il Bisonte will be closed during these days:
From the 24  of December to the 27 of December and
from the 31 December to the 6 of Jannuary