Alle maestranze della litografia Il Bisonte;
-Vive Grazie!
Siete degni di Firenze dello splendore mediceo”
Roma, 4/4/62

Luigi Bartolini

Printmaking exhibitions

Since 1959 Il Bisonte hosts exhibitions of art prints from Italian and International artists

The gallery of the foundation Il Bisonte is the space in which are set up our exhibitions of art prints, meetings and book presentations. In the gallery is also the library dedicated to art and printmaking, composed of more than three thousand volumes, in a space filled with objects and with the walls covered by lithographies most representative of the Il Bisonte history.
At the gallery are stored, accessible by appointment, the historical archive – with at least one print for each of the editions (more than one thousand) made by the Il Bisonte art editions – and the archive of the donations received.
Last but not the least the secretary office is located in the gallery.