These classes are usually organized for schools, if you are interested we may organize them for private group of minimum 5 people.

Etching for kids

Every student will have a 10x15cm plate of zinc, prepared with the ground varnish and ready
for the students. After the drawing phase the teacher will dip the plates in the acid in order to
etch the drawings onto the plates. Following the acid bite the plates will be inked and printed
directly by the students. Depending on the schedule there will be a presentation of some more
complex printing tecniques (à la poupèe, with a chine collèe).
4 hours
40 euro/student

Il Bisonte “Snakes and Ladders”
Each student will have a plexiglass plate, using a metal point they will scratch a drawing, all the
plates will then be printed onto a single large paper sheet, resembling a “snakes and ladders”
game table top. Because there will be a single print hosting all the plates it should be a good idea
if the drawings are designed to fit together.
3 hours
18 euro/student

The illustrated story
The whole group of students should prepare the illustrations to one story/novel/book then at
Il Bisonte the illustrations will be transferred to the plates with different intaglio techniques and
printed. It will be a print of all of the plates on one sheet of paper.
3 hours
30 euro/student

Group self portrait
Each student will receive a prepared zinc plate 10×7,5 cm, and will work on drawing a selfportrait.
They will be encouraged to do a free interpretation of the self, the only restriction
being that the final prints will be mounted together in a grid. The final result will be a mosaic of
self-portraits: one print composed of many different points of view and many different styles.
3 hours
30 euro/student

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