Institutional Courses

PrintmakingSpecialization Course

The Specialization Course is one year long and 5 days a week.

October 2nd 2023 – June 21st 2024
(Christmas break from December 23rd till January 7th 2024)
from Monday to Fridat: 9.30 am – 1.30 pm
20 Hours per week

This course provides an in depth knowledge of all the main black-and-white traditional intaglio, engraving and hand-printing techniques, and a well rounded proficiency in running a printmaking studio.

This year-long course teaches and provides practical training in all the printmaking techniques, with each module focusing on various techniques. Students learn through a regular schedule of training involving highly technical exercises that are fully geared to the individual’s interests. During the first part, particular emphasis is given to etching and aquatint, and also to the use of drypoint and soft ground etching.
 Then the course offer wired research into the experience with the previously studied techniques, plus pastel method, spit bite, sugar lift and chine collé printing method, as well as the opportunity to work with other, more experimental, techniques.
 This course also includes various intensive workshops focusing on particular techniques such as woodcut, mezzotint or engraving on copper plates and end-grain wood and practical sessions in black-and-white printing. 
During the last part of the year it will be possible for interested students to learn about the preparation of art books and the letterpress printing technique and/or color etching using the multiple plate method, which involves the use of four aquatint matrices, and also the “à la poupée” method.
 At the end of the course there will be an end of year exhibition and a final exam for the attendance certificate.