Il Bisonte offers the opportunity to printmakers to work independently in its studios, merging in the unique atmosphere of an historic printing studio,  in the tradition of the “bottega” that have made Florentine renaissance famous worldwide.
Having the opportunity to share the daily routine with teachers, master printers, students and artists who regularly attend our workshops; all within walking distance of the most important monuments of Florence.

There are different ways in which the residences are planned, those organized by Il Bisonte are divided into two categories, Open and Institutional, you can find more information in the boxes below.
The other boxes have information about other institutions that have sponsored residencies here at Il Bisonte.


The Institutional Residencies are now accessible only through personal invitation. Past years residents: Maria Pecchioli Andrew DeCaen Caterina Margherita Pavlo Makov Giorgia Oldano Sergey Chubirko Michael Goro Printmaking - Specialization course


Villa Lena This project was born in 2013, conceived by the lucid mind of Lena Estafieva, a russian art curator living in London, who embarks on re-launching and revitalizing a beautiful Villa in the Pisan countryside, with several farmhouses attached and several hundred hectares of land , Villa Lena precisely, she has chosen to do it through art and music. The project takes shape swiftly and from Villa Lena up-and-coming artists with a great desire to discover the potential of printmaking begin to arrive at Bisonte (actually it is a peculiarity of this collaboration that few of the artists in residence have previous skills in printmaking) our hope is that once the residency is over and the artists returned to their domestic routine they'd continue to use the printmaking techinques as a new artistic mediums available to them. 2013 Hugo Wilson Marie von Thurn und Taxis Nika Neelova Shaun McDowell Celia Hempton 2014 Sylvie Auvray Beatrice Lettice Boyle Benjamin Brett Bobby Dowler Lionel Esteve Christopher Green Kate Groobey Adeline de Monseignat Jay One Ramier Jasmine Ruiz Blasco 2015 Moataz Nasr Alan Reid Lola Montes Schnabel Kontantin Trubkovich Craig Fisher 2016 Ima-Abasi Okon Evy Jokhova Oliver-Selim Boualam and Lukas Marstaller Butternutten 2018 Jordan Sullivan Here the Villa Lena web site

Ateljé Tjuda Pedagogi

An atelier of artists, including several printmakers, located on the island of Kimito in Finland. They have at their disposal premises including studios, exhibition spaces, houses for art-residences. The main purpose of the atelier, in addition to the artistic practices of its members, is to bring artistic work among people, especially children. Here the Facebook profile of the Ateljé Tjuda Pedagogi

Combat Prize

The COMBAT PRIZE AWARD was born to start an investigation among the most interesting proposals of the international art. As part of its seventh edition (2015) we will host the Iranian artist Shirin Salehi who, at the end of her residency, will make a print run in agreement with our Foundation and with the Blob Cultural Association ART. Here the web site of the Premio Combat Here the Facebook profile of the Ateljé Tjuda Pedagogi

Villa Il Palmerino

Historic Florentine residence, which at the end of the 1800s was the residence of Vernon Lee (Violet Paget) and where the writer organized a vital intellectual salon. In recent years the current owners have organized a long series of meetings and artist residencies, among the hosted artists we point out Christiaan Diedericks, South African printmaker, during his stay in Florence he realized at Il Bisonte two editions . Qui il sito della Residenza Il Palmerino


Artists, students or printmaking teachers can access the OPEN residency program through self-candidacy. After their projects will be accepted the selected artists will have access to our laboratories by paying a fee. During their stay there will be regular meetings with our teachers and with the students of the school.


Inchiostro Festival Inchiostro Festival is an event for illustrators organized every year in Alesssandria. It is alive and kicking, working with up-and-coming illustrators, professionists, stuents, schools and associations. What really highlights it is the idea to cross over illustration with printmaking, because of this every year several printmaking studios and master printers are invited. Moreover every year the Inchiostro Festival sponsors several illustrators to produce a printmaking edition together with the printers hosted at the festival. At Il Bisonte we hosted: Tuono Pettinato Giordano Poloni Sofia Paravicini Matteo Giuntini Here the link to the Inchiostro Festival web site

Robert F. Kennedy Foundation

The RFK has two offices, one in the United States of America and one in Europe, the European headquarters is located in the fascinating building that was one of the most important Florentine prisons: Le Murate. Many of their initiatives, mostly aimed at the study of human rights, through courses and seminars, but also through a vibrant activity of their exhibition hall. From here the inspiration for a meeting that ended with the inauguration of a collaboration for artist residences that had as focus the attention towards human rights trough the useof printmaking techniques, the artist hosted was Erman Ozbasaran Here the web site of the RFK Foundation

Pacific Northwest Printmakers

The first collaboration that led to the opening of our Artists in Residence programs. Twelve printmakers artists who worked at the Bisonte accompanied by the excellent artist Thomas Wood.