Studio Rent

Renting one of our studios for your group

How to rent one of our studios

For independent groups with or without their own teacher

As an individual looking for independent studio access please refer to our Print Club or Open Studio programs

As a group leader you can reserve a studio of Il Bisonte school to carry out group activity.


Times available are the following:  Monday to Friday mornings and/or afternoons,
Saturday and Sunday by arrangement with the secretariat and with an additional fee. *
The studio must be reserved at least two months before the activity, to confirm a non-refundable deposit of € 200 is due.
The cost for the use of the studio is calculated based on the number of participants.

Fee for groups under 5 people
HALF DAY, € 120 for the whole group;
WHOLE DAY,  € 220 for the whole group.

Fee for more than 5 people
HALF DAY, € 24  each member of the group;
WHOLE DAY, € 44  each member of the group.

(“Half day” and “whole day” refers to the valid timetable of the school).

The studio must be free and available to the regular activities of the school when it is not reserved or in use by the visiting group, if the visiting group keeps the studio reserved even without running any activity, it will be charged a minimum fee (€ 120). Example: If a visiting group reserved the all week (from Monday to Friday morning and afternoon) but use the studio for only three half days, it should have to pay for the remaining seven half-days.

If the visiting group chooses to vacate the studio for some days during its sojourn to not pay the minimum fee, the studio must be fully accessible and usable by any other student, teacher or artist of the Bisonte.

Il Bisonte does not provide any material, with the exception of the acid for etching and some solvents if required.

We offer a free day to clean and to put in order the studio after the end of the rental period. You will be charged the minimum fee (€ 120) for each day that the studio will not be completely accessible to the ordinary activities of the School.

* On Saturdays and Sundays must be present a studio assistant provided by Il Bisonte who will overlook the activities .You will be charged an additional fee of € 50 per day.

For other inquires please contact the school office: