Monica Franchini

Etching MasterclassMonica Franchini

She was born in Parma in 1962. In 1974 she moved to Florence where she attended the Art School and the Academy of Fine Arts, graduating in Painting in 1984.

From 1985 to 1987, as a fellow, she specialized in Chalcography and Lithography at the International School of Graphic Arts “Il Bisonte” of Florence.

From 1986 to 1990 she taught Artistic Anatomy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence as a second-level teacher.

A.A. 1989/90 Role for an indefinite period in a competition for the Chair of Artistic Anatomy.

Since 1990 she has been teaching Engraving Techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and since the year following 2015-16, she holds the same teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence as a second-level teacher.

Dall’A.A. 2016-17 is the first band of artistic anatomy at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts

Extra didactic activity for the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence

– From the year 2003/04 to 15-16 she coordinated the orientation and entrance activity of groups from Italy and abroad – Orientation Service for the Fine Arts Academy-Florence.
– In the three-year period from 2007 to 2010 and from July to October 2016 she was a member of the Academic Council of ABA Florence
– From 2012/13 to 2015-16 coordinator of the Art School of Art ABA Florence

Since 1990, every year she has curated and organized projects, participation in prizes and exhibition activities of the students in-house and in the territory:

2016 Masters and students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence Lyceum Club, Florence

Altroritratto graphic works by students at the LIBRI LIBERI library, Florence

2015 Exhibition of the Letterpress / Lithography artworks of the students of the  Accademia Belle Arti during the workshops, Florence Art School Florence.

Nuovo mecenatismo – Start Point – Academy of Fine Arts, Montesenario Fi

2014 Viaggi sensoriali, Galleria delle carrozze, Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Florence Start Point – Ex Libris Project For Michelangiolesche celebrations – Accademia Belle Arti Library Florence.

2013 Il disegno dopo il disegno, Graphic works students Aula Ghiberti, Academy of Fine Arts Florence

2012 Nel segno di Start Point, Murate Florence.

2011 Il segno dei giovani, Galleria Donatello Group, Florence.

2010 START POINT Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, Archaeological Museum, Exhibition of graphic works inspired by the Astronomical Calendar (catalog)

– Exhibition of student works at the Museum of Planetary Sciences, Prato Opening Museum February.

2009 Omaggio a Galileo. I metalli incisi e stampati – dialogue between art and science in the Academy Aula Ghiberti (Catalog) – Galileo in the Academy – dialogue between Art and Science, Tribune of Galileo Museum of the Specola Florence. Set up at the Museum of Planetary Sciences of Prato (blow-ups from graphic works made by students). Study seminar “Il falso nell’opera d’arte e la figura professionale del perito” Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. Carabinieri protecting Cultural Heritage, May -Start Accademia goes to the city “Exhibition of student works at the Regional Media Library of Florence.
2007 La Scienza vista dall’Arte Aula Minerva, Academy of Fine Arts of Florence.
2006 – Emozione Scienza. Etching and drawings of the students of the Academy -Ostuni (Catalog) – La scienza vista dall’arte, Basilica San Alessandro, Fiesole Florence.
2005 La Scienza vista dall’Arte. Etching and drawings of the students of the Accademia -Ostuni (Catalog) Ludica Project, Science and Art, collaboration between the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence and the University of Florence, Department of Astronomy and Space Science .from 2004 to date.

Artistic activity
She has been recording etching since 1983, dealing with graphics, illustration and portraiture. Since 1987 she has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Her works can be found in private and public collections, including: Cabinet Drawings Old Antique Prints Bagnacavallo-Ravenna, Cabinet of Prints of Villa Pacchiani Santa Croce Sull’Arno- Pisa, Museum of Contemporary Art Florina- Greece “Collection Florence”, Foundation ” Il Bisonte ”- Florence, City of Rignano Sull’Arno- Florence, Graphic Museum Bad Steben –Germany, Academy of Fine Arts of Florence.

Exhibition selection
1998 personal Engravings, drawings and paintings Palazzo Comunale, Rignano S / Arno (Florence -Italy)
1999 personal Engravings and drawings – Spirituality and Culture Center Fra Benedetto Sillico Pieve Fosciana (Lucca, Italy). – chalcography workshop
1999 personal “Anatomie Toscane” engravings and drawings – Sala d’Arte Palazzo Sani, Associazione Commercianti (Lucca, Italy
2001 personal exhibition “Percorrendo Sentieri” engravings and drawings “Lo Skipper” nautical club-Florence Collection Florence ”Museum of Contemporary Art – Florina (Greece – Santa Croce Graphic Award – First Edition)