Didactic Director and Chair of “history of the printmaking techniques”, Artistic Director of the Il Bisonte gallery.

Firenze, Italy 1945

Work Experience
After teaching in Carrara he became Full Professor in Printmaking Techniques at the Fine Art Accademy in Florence.
Since 1979 Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti put him in charge of the drawing course at the International Art University in Florence.
Since 1996 he is also Director of Studies at the Scuola Internazionale per la Grafica d’Arte Il Bisonte in Florence.

1971, 1973 and 1977 he was invited to the Florin exhibitions.
1974 He held his first personal exhibition at the gallery ‘Inquadrature’, In the same year he designed the windows for the Church of San Silvestro in Tobbiana di Prato.
Since 1975 he started to hold personal exhibitions in numerous Italian cities
1979, he received a prestigious invitation to an antological exhibition at the Olivetti Cultural Centre in Ivrea. To this followed a number of national and international collectives.
In 1984 he was amongst the five artists chosen by Leonardo Sciascia for the exhibition ‘Artists and Writers’ held at the Rotonda of the Besana in Milan and was invited to hold a personal exhibition at the gallery ‘La Tavolozza’ in Palermo.
In 1994 Tommaso Paloscia lists him in the Mondadori Catalogue of Graphic Art.

The works of the Sicilian period were exhibited in two personal exhibitions at the gallery Pananti (Florence) in 1987 and at ‘La Tavolozza’ (Palermo) in 1988.
1990 he held a personal/one-man exhibition in Piombino
1991 he exhibited a number of his work together with those of Piero Vignozzi at the Fortezza Doria in Portovenere.
Amongst the most prestigious printmaking exhibitions are the following:
“The image of the Sign 1940- 1990” at Villa Renatico Martini in Monsummano Terme (Pistoia);
“Ten Years of Acquisitions 1984-1990” at the ‘Gabinetto Disegni e Stampe’ in the Uffizi;
“Signs of Tuscany “ in Chianciano; “Firenze 4th of November 1966 , thirty years later ” at the Gallery ‘Il Bisonte’, Firenze;
“III Etching Biennal” at Rotary Club of Acqui Terme, Ovada;
“XIV International Biella Prize”.
1997 he carried out eight etchings for the poetry volume “Mentira” by Dedy Luziani, Il Bisonte Editions. A folder of etchings for the new translation of the Georgics by Elvio Natali
1998 the Gallery ‘Il Bisonte’ hosted an antological exhibition of his work as painter and printmaker.
1999 he participeted to a collective exhibition of the artists linked with ‘Il Bisonte’ in Tokyo at the Edogawa-Ku Center and the Yamagata Cultural Center.
2000 he won the second edition of the Prize Leonardo Sciascia amateur d’estampes with the work ‘Nuvole attraverso i rami’, which consequently entered in the Civic Collection of Prints Achille Bertarelli in the Palazzo Sforzesco in Milan.
2001 One-men Exhibition in the Marino Marini Museum, Florence.