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W Maria Luigia Guaita
W Le edizioni del Bisonte!

Roma, 4/4/62

Luigi Bartolini

Il Bisonte Foundation

for the study of printmaking

You can find in this page more information about our institutional profile, the long history that brought Il Bisonte from a commercial art editor to a foundation, the biography or its founder, and some info on our premises

Our history

Il Bisonte was founded by Maria Luigia Guaita and few friends in 1959 in Firenze, here you may find a brief description of its story.

Maria Luigia Guaita - Biography

Maria Luigia Guaita was a partisan during the Second World War after which she continued to fight her battles in the cultural sphere, an active protagonist of the Florentine scene: as a journalist for Il Mondo magazine and collaborator of the Edizioni U in the first post-war period and then creator and conductor of the Edizioni d'Arte Il Bisonte.

The charter of the Foundation


Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti

Maria Luigia Guaita used to say:" I owe everything to Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti"

Henry Moore

Henry Moore came to Il Bisonte after the flood of Florence, in the 1966, he became so fond of this place that he made here 13 editions of lithographies. From this friendship and mutual respect was born the exhibition of his sculptures at Forte Belvedere changing the face of the city ever after.
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Pablo Picasso

Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti had the idea of having Pablo Picasso doing a lithography for Il Bisonte and was his help that made the project true.

Amministrazione Trasparente

Initiative introduced by the Italian Government
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Partners and supporters

How to help us and who's already helping us.
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